Welcome to XPatent

Welcome to XPatent.co.uk, established in 2009 and home to Geoff Dallimore, European Patent Attorney.

XPatent offers a range of low-cost, high quality services for individuals and small businesses to help with patent or design applications. Key services include:

Drafting a patent specification

Based on your detailed summary of your invention, XPatent will draft a full patent application with claims and drawings ready for submission to the UK Intellectual Property Office.
Typical cost: £750

Filing your patent application

Once you have a draft application, the process of filing it with the the UKIPO can be daunting. XPatent will submit your application for you online, requesting the UKIPO’s official search. Fixed price quotes for handling all filing formalities and bureaucracy avoid unexpected charges and expenses.
Typical cost: £250 + UKIPO fees

Responding to an examination report or “office action”

Few patents are granted without at least one round of negotiation with a Patent Office examiner. If you have received an examination report from the UKIPO, XPatent will prepare a written response and amend the claims to help get your patent approved.
Typical cost: £250

European and International patent applications

Expanding patent protection outside the UK is a difficult and expensive task, but the rewards can be exceptional. Contact XPatent for recommendations and quotes for submitting European, International (PCT), and worldwide patent applications.